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All divers with various certifications are welcome.

Andy is particularly interested in underwater photography, I f you would like to attend a PADI underwater photography course or attend a more advanced  bespoke  photo course  please  get in contact .  (Underwater photography classes link)

Andy Willett
1 Leeds Close
West Durrington
West Sussex
BN13 3QP



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Club Course Terms and Conditions

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Club Member Terms and Conditions

We are   a friendly unincorporated scuba diving club based in West Sussex.

We meet  to go diving here in the UK and to arrange scuba  trips abroad. We can offer  most PADI courses from Advanced and onwards.  We no longer offer PADI open water divers courses.

We dive mid week from the shore and on weekends often dive from a hard boat.

Andy the chief instructor (PADI 45088) arranges dives, and  club members  are invited to attend, we generally use a  private club face book page (closed group)  to communicate  and make arrangements.

If you are a diver and are seeking a local club that can offer (if needed) professional conditioning PADI courses, drop us a line.

We dive from New Dawn based in Shoreham.