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The speciality course offer you the skills to be able to dive with out a buddy, this is useful for underwater photographers for example who do need to dive separate from a buddy on occasions.

What do I need to start

PADI Advanced open water diver and 100 logged dives

Minimum age: 18 years old.

What will I do

Three dives and take quiz

How long will it take

Three dives over one day.

What will I need

Instructor lead
redundant ….air source, depth gauge, timer or computer, surface signalling device.

Health requirements.

You are required to complete a medical statement; if you have any of the conditions listed, you will have to have your doctor sign the form to say you are fit to dive.
Also you are required to sign a statement of acceptance of risk and also agree to comply with safe diving practices.

Medical form for scuba courses

Self Reliant Diver